Enjoying Equestrian Recreation on a Scottish Castle Holiday

Having your share of outdoor fun can do you good. You can work on your tan, for one. Another perk is that you feel revitalized by the verdant view of nature, be it on a mountain or sea. Taking advantage of the best cruise deals lets you enjoy fun-filled country-hopping vacations that widen your horizons. You can also get a package that allows you to explore the other regions of your own nation while voyaging just beyond its coasts.

But if you want to fill your days with recreational pursuits that truly bring out the outdoor person in you, spend your sabbatical at a Scottish castle and let yourself run free astride a fine horse.

Blair Castle Estate

If you want luxury mixed into your R and R, this is the place to go. You can enjoy a leisurely ride through the grounds within the Estate or hack through the Highlands beyond the premises. The latter arrangement may be made with guides offering their services around the area.

Ackergill Tower

This 15th century structure faces the sea at the edge of a secluded area at the northern fringes of Scotland. It makes for a peaceful retreat as it has no bar or a club. Your meals are prepared from the fresh bounty of the land and sea. Of course, its sprawling grounds are perfect for horse riding. If you want to venture far, you can hack through the countryside. You can even gallop your way through the sandy beach, which happens to be 5 miles long.

Kinnettles Castle

This beautiful 11-suite structure is situated in an area that is immensely suitable for equestrian pursuits and other leisurely outdoor recreational activities like walking through the glen or woodland or shooting clay pigeons.

Stobo Castle

Explore the countryside where this estate is located while mounted on a horse. You can ride to where the pine forests are and take deep breaths to clear your lungs of the city air and admire the Japanese-style gardens. You can fish while you are at it and gallop home with your catch for the day.

Birkhill Castle

This luxurious accommodation is just a 20-minute drive away from Edinburgh and offers other recreational options like shooting game or clay pigeons, aside from horse riding.

Always observe safety when engaged in equestrian adventures. Wear helmets and the right apparel for such endeavours. You should put on footwear with hard soles and light-coloured garments during the day so that you will be easily spotted, especially when you are hacking amongst thick vegetation in the countryside.